i don’t think i’m going to be on here for awhile. 50 hour work weeks and summer class is proving to be a bit overwhelming, so i’m getting rid of distractions for now.


do u ever put on a shirt and look in the mirror and go

"no. this does not represent the full potential of my boobs"

here is a thing i did. i love this song a whole lot and this has been a really good week.

Track: Growing Up
Artist: Andrew Jackson Jihad
Album: Only God Can Judge Me
Plays: 20065

Track: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Artist: Fleet Foxes
Album: Fleet Foxes
Plays: 6359

Track: Left Hand Free
Artist: alt-J
Album: This Is All Yours
Plays: 1964

Track: How it Ends
Artist: DeVotchKa
Album: Little Miss Sunshine
Plays: 4653


The tea has been spilled and it’s scalding

Track: The Twist
Artist: Metric
Album: Grow Up and Blow Away
Plays: 264

the rhythm of a stranger’s skin

"how can you drink hot coffee in the middle of summer?"

fire cannot kill a dragon

Track: Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Plays: 51775

Neutral Milk Hotel— “Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two”

In my dreams, you’re alive and you’re crying
as your mouth moves in mine, soft and sweet
rings of flowers ‘round your eyes and
I’ll love you 
for the rest of your life
when you’re ready